• North Creek

    North Creek lies wholly in the town of Arcadia. The name came to be applied this way: In the early pioneer days the valley was north from the Bishop settlement (now Arcadia) and hence was called North Creek. North Creek refers to a little trout stream that divides the North Creek Valley, running from east to west and emptying into the Trempealea River. Its very first settlers were Polish families - those of Albert Bautsch, Joseph Stanoskey and a man named Weaver, who settled there in 1867, and who was soon followed by Louis Wojczik and others in 1868, 1869, and 1870. Thereafter, up to 1875, Polish families continued to come in and the valley became the very first Polish settlement north of the ridge in the county. The public school was built on the north half of the northeast quarter of 26-21-9, and a church was built nearby with a cemetery in 1872-1873. St. Michael's Parish church was destroyed by fire in 1920 and the current building was constructed shortly thereafter. A school was built near the church in 1887. This original building burnt in 1909 with a new school constructed in 1910. In 1940, the school became part of the Arcadia Public School system